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I Love ME - Chapter 6
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versaillesqueen wrote in fanearth

title: I Love ME

fandom: Skandar Keynes
pairing: SkandarKeynes/OC
genre: Romance
disclaimer: I do not own the people that are not fictional in this fan fiction. The plot is fictional and similarities in real life are purely coincidental.
summary: She was saving the environment and he was too. They were partners at the environmental movement group but they were causing more chaos than saving.

Chapter 6





This was the first time I went to a party with Arielle since that night in Japan. First note to self: avoid bullies, even though they never bully me and they’re kind of my friends but I don’t bully either. Second note to self: keep away from bullied people. Third note to self: no contact with Arielle at all.

For all the people in this party, only ten percent is part of the organization. Another ten percent of the people in this party actually came because they wanted to join the organization and save the environment but only fifty percent of that ten percent which is five percent of all the people in here. So basically, eighty percent of all the people in here don’t even care about the environment, they just go to the party not even knowing what it’s for.

I went to the desk where I can sign up. I see Arielle standing in front of the desk. There was a teen girl and a handsome teen boy behind the desk. “Why would you want to go through all that stupid hassle just to do stuff for plants?” Said the teen girl bored.

“Plants? It’s not just plants I’m after. Have you ever been in a vast field in the middle of a magical night and everything is just so mystical because it’s filled with hundreds of fireflies surrounding you with the most beautiful light in the world? I haven’t and people rarely do.”

The teens’ jaws drop at what she said. Wow, that brain of hers has something inside it.

“Here’s the application form! Please, fill it up.” The boy said and smiled at Arielle. She then left.

I approached the table and said, ‘hi’. “Oh, hi!” The girl said unenthusiastically. I see her slipping out an application form and about to give it to me but the boy stopped her immediately.

“Uh, sorry. Hi, I’m Clarisse and this is Charlie.” The girl said and the boy made a short wave. “Welcome and we’re glad you decided to join. But first of all, we would like to ask a quick question. What do we owe the greatest honour for you to want the organization despite your busy schedule?”

Ah, enthusiastic fan girl. “Hundreds of species get extinct everyday and most of them haven’t even been discovered. I’m part of nature, everyone is, so why not?” I said. The girl still had the goofy smile and she handed the application. I smiled awkwardly and fled.



I come over to pass my applications and I see that Skandar is standing there passing one too. I approach the table and gave the paper without plans of talking to him. I don’t want another beverage on my skirt.

As I was about to walk away peacefully, Skandar said, “Jadis.” It took me ten seconds to reply, I couldn’t make up my mind. I looked up at him and smiled.

“I didn’t know you were an environmentalist.” I chuckled.

“I’m a lot of things.” Skandar told me. Mysterious much?

“Ooh.” I said pretending to be interested. We stared at each other for a long time until I decided to back out a little bit. “I’m leaving him now.” I said trivially looking him in the eyes. I walked backwards smiling at him and waving goodbye and when I turned around, I bumped a guy bringing two cups of drinks.

I felt bad for the guy. He must be bringing those drinks to a girl he’s hitting on but surprise, surprise, it ended up on my cardigan. Oh dear, my buttoned up gray cardigan is ruined. Thanks a lot Keynes.

Look on the bright side, at least your skirt’s not ruined; my blue low-top Chucks that are the same color as my skirt aren’t ruined too. But still, come to think of it, I have a ruined top. Damn it, Keynes!

I turned around to face Keynes. Oh, I didn’t notice, since when did I start calling him ‘Keynes’? Well, I’d rather call him that, ‘Skandar’ sounds so intimate.

I looked at him with a death glare. I started to breathe in and out, in and out. I need to relax.

Oh damn, he’s smiling. Why’s he smiling? Is he happy, satisfied? Why the heck is he smiling at my? Oh my, he looks entertained. I can’t believe he has the guts to have fun on someone else’s misery. I charged towards him, bumped him and left the party.

Am I cursed?


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asdkashadaasidoasjdal! skandar desu! *A* /dies

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