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Saving Mother Earth, One Fandom at a Time

Can Poetry Save the Earth? Part Two

 It may not save the earth (though it will surely help), but nature poetry can help save you.




Can Poetry Save the Earth? Part One

Poetry has a unique capacity to restore our attention to our environment in its imperiled state. And, as we take heed, we may well become better stewards of the earth.

These pictures bear out visually the environmental imagination and a poetic legacy more vital now than ever.



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For the Better or For the Worse? You Pick.
Inspire Me
For the Better or For the Worse? You Pick.
By: Marin Stewart ♥

When the two famous events are fast approaching, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, people usually spend loads of money for gifts to be given, wrappers to be used to wrap gifts, paper plates and Styrofoam cups or plastic cups and spoon and forks to avoid washing the dishes and fireworks for a "competition" between neighborhoods during these Holidays. Now I ask you, after these Holidays, where do you put all these? Might I guess, simply throw into the trash can and give it to the garbage man/men?

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Vampire Load

You all probably know about vampire load already, but I felt like writing this (to practise for the persuasive essay I’ll need to write soon).


Saving electricity isn’t just about turning your appliances off. Sometimes you’ve got to pull the plug, literally. Shocking as it may seem, but some electronics still use up power even in standby mode. This extra electricity used is called vampire power, phantom load or leaking electricity.  


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Swallow me, Darkness
A man who lost his sight when he was young, was given the chance to see.
He looked forward to seeing the lively colors of the flowers,
The beauty of the sky, the yellow of the sun against the clean roads.
He longed to see the endless Ocean, the trees, and the forests.

On the day his treatment ended, his sight was coming back,
His eyes shed tears when he saw the world,
What he saw made him cry.
Flowers trampled, the sky full of smoke
The sun only shone on the dirt of the roads,
The Ocean filled with trash, trees cut down, and forests gone
Gray Buildings blocked the sun.
The Vibrant colors he once knew were gone and now was Gray.
Gray Factories belching smoke, Gray air clouded skies.
The Gray was taking over, and covering the stars.
He'd rather be blind, at least then, maybe he could see what was,
and now can never be.

The world so Gray and ugly, who wouldn't want to be,
In an endless Darkness, where Gray could never be.

You and Your Pride
Inspire Me
Title: You and Your Pride
Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers
Pairing: America/England
Genre: Friendship/Humor
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Standard Disclaimer Applied. I DO NOT OWN HETALIA.
Summary: England's POV. "When will you learn how to shut up, America?" "When will you learn how to let go of your pride?" AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a fic, and I can do anything I want with the characters since I already declared I don't own them. So you may see surprises. Thank you.

You and Your Pride
By: Marin Stewart ♥

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I Love ME - Chapter 5
MA real portrait

title: I Love ME

fandom: Skandar Keynes
pairing: SkandarKeynes/OC
genre: Romance
disclaimer: I do not own the people that are not fictional in this fan fiction. The plot is fictional and similarities in real life are purely coincidental.
summary: She was saving the environment and he was too. They were partners at the environmental movement group but they were causing more chaos than saving.

Chapter 5



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First Milestone?
I'm not sure whether this milestone is usually celebrated but we now have more than 10 members! Thank you for everyone who joined and/or told their friends about this community. Please keep telling people about us so that we'll continue to grow.

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