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Weekends or Weekdays?
openedlocket wrote in fanearth
Hey everyone, I noticed we haven't updated for a while. The past weeks have obviously been busy ones.

Weekends and weekdays...a random question for you all. Are you more earth friendly during WEEKENDS or WEEKDAYS? During weekdays we're forced to go to work, use up electricity, paper, and plenty more resources. On weekdays, we use resources as well. So basically, the question can be rephrased to: Do you use up more resources during leisure hours or working hours?

Personally, I think I use up more resources when I have time to myself. I watch TV, type things on the computer, charge my personal gadgets. I know that quality time doesn't require using these things but I've grown so used to them in my day-to-day life that I find it hard to think of ways to spend my time.

Any more responses to my lame question?

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All day, any day, every day 24/7.

As you were.

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